EYDC is owned and managed by Shahnaaz Behardien. She completed her practical experience whilst at college at Gingerbread House in Mowbray in 1998.

She decided to leave South Africa in 2002 and started working at Scribbles Day Nursery (South / South West London, UK) from 2002 - 2010. Starting the position as a nursery assistant and soon after took the position as deputy manager. It was a 20 place day care which followed the Birth to Three Matters then the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS).

The EYFS ensures:
children learn through play
providers work closely with parents
parents are kept up to date on your child's progress

The EYFS is aimed at providing the help teachers and professionals need in order to give children the best start in life. The EYFS also brings out the importance of each child being able to develop at their own pace. It also emphasizes the importance of working closely with parents to help reassure them about the welfare of their child and also encourage them to get more involved with their child's development both at home and when they are with their child-minder.

I would like to keep this method active at Early Years Day Care - it's a great method with great results thus far.

I am very passionate about using this method and creating a safe environment for children to develop in.

I insist on constant development and training of my staff. Communication between staff and parents are imperative, a notice board is available for parents to peruse when they enter the day care. Each child will also have a message book that will be sent home daily.

Early Years Day Care is not only a business; to me it is the foundation and the future of every child that passes through these doors, the future of this country.

Early Years Day Care Core Values, values the institution lives by: